Bulgarian Document Information & Archiving Services 
      is the first digital and microfilm archiving bureau in Bulgaria.

The company was found on 9th of February 2001 in Sofia City.

We work in close cooperation with the Dutch leaders in this area.


We offer scanning, digitizing and/or microfilming of:

  • Documents
  • Bound books
  • Newspapers
  • Manuscripts
  • Engineering & architectural drawings
  • Maps
  • Cadastre plans

    HOSI-BDIAS provides Archiving & Document Management Solutions.

    Digital archive build-up”, one of the most attractive services includes:

  • Scanning of your documents,
  • Creation of a database with the key-words for searching,
  • Developing software for instant access to the information

       Why to choose digital archiving?

  • Instant access /each document is one mouse-click away from you/
  • Space saving /20 000 pages A4 goes to 1 CD/
  • Multiple user access & sending by e-mail  /1 drawing can be used by
        many people at the same time through the local network or Internet/
  • Printing when needed  /actual size, smaller or bigger/
  • Preservation of the originals

    The main purpose of the service is to facilitate the work and increase the effectiveness.


    Why to choose BDIAS

  • Attractive prices based on low labor costs in East Europe
  • High Quality
    We work closely with the biggest Dutch archiving bureau
    We use Hi-Tech machines and reliable software
    Our team is trained in The Netherlands
  • Fast document processing
  • Pick-up and delivery are free of charge
  • On-site service when the documents are confidential

    We make special solutions according to the personal needs of the client!
    The only thing you have to do is let us solve your document problems!

     For more information, please contact our sales department bdias@bdias.com