Digital archiving /scanning, building-up database, recording on CD or DVD/ of:

  • Documents, manuscripts ( + OCR/ICR for full-text search)
  • Drawings, maps, cadastre plans ( + vectorizing for CAD processing)
    - Color
    - Black & White
    - Grey scale
  • Bound documents, books, newspapers up to A2
  • Microfilms

Microfilm services:

  • Microfilming of:
    - Documents and bank specimens /record on microfiches/
    - Documents /record on 16mm rollfilm/
    - Documents /placing in jackets/
    - Drawings, maps and cadastre plans /record on 35mm rollfilm/
    - Drawings, maps and cadastre plans /record on aperture cards/
    - Bound documents, newspapers, books /record on 35mm rollfilm/
  • Duplicating of rollfilms, microfiches and aperture cards
  • Plotting of drawings and maps from the PC direct to aperture cards
  • Printing of microfilm documents on paper

Product added value:

  • Pick-up and delivery service
  • On-site service

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